We offer additional capacity to advance your software project.

We have in-depth experience in software engineering for embedded systems and their connection to PC/Server.

  • Various operating systems (Windows Server/Client/CE OAL, as well as various proprietary operating systems)
  • Protocols for IP, serial or wireless communication
  • Management Systems: Desigo CC, Siseco CC
  • Technologies: BACnet, LON, OPC, JSON, REST, RS-232, ZigBee …
  • Experience with Video Integraions
  • Experience with various processors (XScale, PowerPC, TI MSP430 and DSP 5502, M16C, etc.)
  • Programming languages C/C + +, C #/WPF, UML
  • Simulations of embedded systems on PC
  • Apps for mobile phones (iPhone, Android)
  • Automated test environments
  • Documentation in English and German.